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This is a transcript of a complaint that occurred in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, made by L. Vallejo.

The whistleblower asks for help:

August 9, 2009 10:24 pm

Anonymous said … good night! It’s 11:32 pm and another party started at the Casa Grande party room here in Campo Grande RJ, it’s hell, the sound is very loud live music, cars on the street as our sidewalks are parking, a total lack of respect for all citizens who live here, I don’t know who to report it to, the only option is to close the windows and turn on the refrigerated air to sleep and that happens during the week too, I ask who can help? *

The question remains: over time, will such a citizen remain healthy? Psychologically? Physically?


* VALLEJO, L. Noise and the Elementary Right to Peace. 2016.