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The industrial revolution, in the 18th and 19th centuries, changed the world soundscape. Since then, trains and other steam and electric machines, vehicles, gadgets and technological tools of all kinds have spread rapidly, influencing lives and even inspiring art. A flood of consumer goods that promised more comfort invaded the urban, rural, domestic and professional environment. Automobile series assembly lines appeared. Perhaps the idea arose that preferring silence to noise is an opposition to progress and evolution. Thus, even today, the soundscape is “the most neglected aspect of our environment”, according to musician and educator Murray Schafer.

Among all those new tools technology has made possible is the alarm. In Curitiba there is no place or schedule. Alarms of all kinds go off at all times. When it comes to a company whose alarm goes off on a Sunday or a holy day, the discomfort lasts for hours on end. In the mixed areas of the city, where commerce shares space with residences, the quiet and warmth of the home gradually fades away, giving way to the sound chaos without a time to happen.

Fabio Riesemberg

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